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We are so grateful our son’s first experience in a classroom setting was with Ms. Christina. My husband and I still lovingly refer to her as the child whisperer because of her innate ability to see the unique needs and gifts of each student in her classroom. We still carry her insights with us today and we better understand what our son needs to thrive in a classroom setting because of Ms. Christina’s wisdom and expertise. She devotes great attention, love and care to her students and we feel so fortunate our son was able to spend his first few years of schooling with such an amazing person and teacher.

Christina Mata has taught both my children using Montessori techniques, with strong boundaries and gentle guidance.  Christina’s approach enabled my children to learn independence, self-responsibility, and educational material at their level and beyond.  I highly recommend Christina to everyone I meet with children for educational and childcare opportunities.

Mr.Mario was so incredible that soon we felt comfortable. Our son was excited every morning about going to school. He became more social and educated each day. We are very thankful to have had Mr. Mario in our lives, we highly recommend his care.

Ms. Christina and Mr. Mario have been an amazing influence on my grandson, Kai. From his first days with them, they made him feel very comfortable, with their gentle nature. At the same time they are firm with the kids, not letting them get away with anything inappropriate.
As a communicator, I always appreciate the communication that they kept with me. Either by a note in Kai's lunchbox,  verbal messages to my parents at pick up, or direct phone calls or texts to myself, I have always been able to depend on them to keep me informed of Kai's progress.They have played an integral part in making Kai and the other children's days full of fun and education. Kai frequently mentions how he misses them and all of his friends. 

TMy son went into preschool at the age of 3 1/2.  He seemed so young to be at school without any family around and I was a bit terrified about it but I had to go back to work.  We interviewed with many schools but once I met Ms. Christina, I knew her school would be the one for him.  Christina has a gift with children.  My son was very timid and not very expressive but she knew just how to get him engaged in something that made him comfortable.  She has a way with children that was so reassuring to me as a parent.   I also watched her with other children, some of them very challenging personality types. Christina was always the child’s advocate, no matter what.  She has a way of seeing what children need beyond the obvious and with even more patients than sometimes a parent themselves can muster!  My son is now 11 and he still remembers Ms. Christina and says she is still his favorite teacher all these years later.  If you are considering Ms. Christina’s school, you will never regret deciding to leave your child in her hands.  We love her.

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