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Toddler Program 1 and 2 Year olds:

The Infant Toddler class is for children 12 months - 2 years old.The toddler classroom accommodates no more than 5 children from 12 months to 2 years of age with an adult-to-child ratio of one to 5.

Our program is based on accepted theories of child development and the Montessori approach. 

Maria Montessori defined the first three years of a person’s life as the “unconscious absorbent mind stage.” She observed that infants and toddlers absorb everything from their environment without any conscious censorship. She believed that children should enter this world in a protected environment.  At Santa Fe MontessoriChildcare Program the toddlers are provided a developmentally appropriate environment that is safe and nurturing.  Materials in the  Toddler classroom have been purposefully selected and the staff is experienced in recognizing developmental milestones in order to nurture and support the learning opportunities of each child. The warm and loving environment promotes a balance of peaceful comfort and engaging stimulation for our infants and toddlers.  Children are free to move about the environment exploring areas of interest and Montessori materials.  One goal of Montessori education is to offer an environment supporting individual children’s need to gain control over their physical movements.  The physical environment is safe, healthy, and arranged in a warm, home-like setting. It is equipped with soft elements, chairs, mats and bars that the young toddlers use for pulling-up exercises.

Each child has their own individual cot. The eating area is equipped with child-sized tables and chairs instead of high chairs. The outdoor environment is an essential component of our daily program and provides rich experiences for the toddlers.  Children have the opportunity to play on the playground and explore the Daily outside time is provided weather permitting.

Children’s language skills are enhanced by teachers using storytelling, flannel board activities, music and movement, finger-play, and open-ended conversations. In addition, we have a ½ hour weekly music and movement class.

Children form personal bonds with consistent caregivers these bonds are the foundation of all future relationships.  A bond with the child is developed daily through diapering, feeding, and play activities.  These interactions supported by the orderly environment provide the child with a sense of trust in the world.

Families are invited to conference with the classroom teacher throughout the year.  During these conferences teachers share progress and set goals for the child’s development.  Families also receive a daily note outlining their child’s daily activities; meals; naps; and diaper changes.


Primary Classroom 3-5 Year olds
In the Primary Classroom the children explore the Montessori materials from the different areas of the classroom. Your child will build their attention span, begin to understand functional relationships, and learn basic qualities of environment. They build their cognitive function by observing people and things from various perspectives and apply learned skills in new situations.  To help foster independence we give the children the proper lessons and opportunity to do many tasks on their own promoting independence naturally. Our children build the foundations for mathematical comprehension through early quantity and number concepts, including filling and emptying, putting in and taking out, taking things apart, and putting things back together. The teachers observe and guide the children through the classroom and inspire the children to choose challenging works for their individual needs. The teachers encourage all children to choose a math, language, metal inset and cultural work daily. All works are fun, stimulating and changed out monthly to keep the classroom fresh and exciting.

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