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Christina Mata

Christina Mata is a native Santa Fean. She has a great love of New Mexico and a deep respect for her community. Christina began working with children as an Assistant Preschool Montessori Teacher in 2004. Inspired by the philosophy of Maria Montessori, the Montessori materials and the positive effects she witnessed in the children exposed to the Montessori Method, Christina realized that she wanted to become a Montessori teacher.  She completed her Early Childhood Montessori training in 2006, and continues to actively expand her education. Christina holds a passion and a special gift for working with toddlers. Deeply attuned to the sensitive periods of early childhood development and inspired by the curiosity and love of learning she observes in all children.


Mario Griego

Mario Griego was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Mario holds an Associates degree in Human Services from Santa Fe Community College. Mario has also completed his 45 hour Certificate of Achievement through The Childcare and Education Association and a Teaching Certificate in Early Childhood Education from the North American Montessori Center. Mario As a family case manager at a local preschool, Mario gained valuable experience working with children and their family units. He believes a child’s education is the most valuable thing in the world. Knowledge is power, and he recognizes that an early education provides the best start for each child and sets them on a strong academic path while providing healthy social interaction. He believes each child embodies a unique and wonderful spirit.  His aspiration and goals are  to see children grow into independent, responsible, and compassionate innovators. Mario has a passion for working with children.

Paola Bustillos-Marquez

Paola is currently enrolled in the Early Childhood program at SFCC.She is in her first year teaching at Santa Fe Montessori Childcare Program. Caring for younger family members gave her the passion to persue a career in early childhood education. Paola believes as early educators that we help build a strong foundation which positively supports the child's educational and human journey throughout their life. Paola believes children are the future and after experiencing the Montessori method hands on she believes Montessori education provides a solid educational foundation for children to build off of and will carry them throughout the rest of their lives. 

Porter Pryor:  Porter Pryor grew up in Arkansas but has been living in Santa Fe with her 3 year old son since 2021. She learned the Montessori philosophy through Christina Mata and has seen what wonderful effects it has had on the children attending Santa Fe Montessori as well as her own child. Porter is perusing her Early childhood teaching degree though the Santa Fe Community College.

Porter Pryor


Dolores Mata

Dolores Mata was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM.  She has a long 30 plus year background in communications and has always had a love for strong relationships with family and children.  Dolores became a first time grandmother in recent years and realized her love for children and their education is strong.  Dolores completed her Early Childhood Education teacher training and has been studying the Montessori way of learning and truly believes that proving in a nurturing creative environment is key to early foundational education.  Dolores has worked with children as a volunteer to give back to the community and contribute to children’s success for several years.  When Dolores is not volunteering she enjoys spending time with her family, especially her grandaughter Luna Sol.  She also enjoys cooking and long walks in the mountains.

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